And So It Begins

The Healthy Moccasin Journey

This wild and crazy journey into parenthood is full of twists and turns and constant surprises. Upon the arrival of our son, my husband and I ended up trading in our off-grid lifestyle for running water and moderated temperatures—twist/turn #1. Several hundred twists and turns later said son is crawling in our new house (new to us-in actuality it was built in 1922!). I found myself wanting to create one-of-a-kind, healthy footwear to protect his little feet as I watched him make his way across the dangerously splinter-filled, original, beautiful wood floors. I've  loved creating and crafting since I was a child, and feel most at home when doing so, like I'm filling my cup and honoring my souls desire to express itself. So with my newfound inspiration and passion, I started designing and crafting tiny moccasins for my son Jasper. A talented local leather craftsman and his wife took me under their wing and gave me so many tips and pieces of advice that helped further my creation. Once I made one pair, I'd have an idea to improve upon the next pair—moving them from simply functional to both functional and esthetically pleasing! :-)

Then, with all the play dates and trips to the library and community indoor playground during those long winter months other mamas started commenting on his little shoes and asking questions. I'm not the greatest self-promoter so I'd shyly say, "Thank you" and a cautious "I made them" in a near whisper. I was embarrassed to be so bold and also embarassed that they weren't my "final" design, they were "just a test pair". The reaction I got surprised me—so much love and support for my efforts and commenting how they'd love a pair for their little boy/girl. It was so flattering, and scary to think about putting myself out there to produce such a special item for someone else's babe. Well, I've since continued to perfect my design and am using really healthy materials that I can be proud of! 

I was given a great lead on some amazing leather that exceeds European Union standards for textiles through something called IVN Naturleder certification. The regulations are much more stringent in the EU than in the US. The company I source littleRÜTZ leather from truly cares about creating transparency for customers! Every color I use has been batch tested and I can see the results, which is awesome and how it should be! The leather I've sourced is the best stuff available-made without the use of heavy metals (most leathers have high amounts of heavy metals-who knew, and yuck!). Once educated on this matter I realized that there aren't enough 'non-toxic' footwear options out there. 

So here I am, whipping up some of the healthiest footwear for babes right in my sunroom as I look out on my back yard in full bloom, watch the dog sunbathe and the chickens scratch about. For me, it's a dream come true. I feel so honored to be able to craft these little pieces of footwear for other children. This journey has been inspired by my love for our son, and that love has become an extension to a healthy product for your little one. It feels awesome and like something I can and should be brave promoting. No more shy mama. I've got a product I love and can stand behind, I feel like I can tell the world and feel good about it! How cool is that!?

Thank you for joining me on my adventure. Your support means the world to me and I hold a special place in my heart for each and every one of you and your little ones.

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