When can I expect my moccasins to be delivered?

The shop is in vacation mode and as such I will be shipping orders roughly once a month via USPS! 

Please see Shipping & Returns for more information on the next shipping date and thank you for your support of my small business as I soak in being a mama and wife and traveling with my little family!


Where are your moccasins made?

LittleRÜTZ moccasins are hand-crafted by myself, in Wenatchee, Washington. Your purchase supports my small, local business.

Made in the USA with love.


What size should I order?

The best way to order a pair of moccasins is to take a measurement of the childs' foot. Measure from heel to big toe, then add a half an inch so there's room to grow. They will fit a little big at first but they'll get to wear them longer. Please see my size chart to correlate your measurement to a children's shoe size.


What if I'm buying them as a gift and want it to be a surprise?

While the best fit will be had with a measurement, you can always make an educated guess as to the size that will work best!

Size 1 makes an adorable baby shower gift. They won't be walking or even crawling in this size but they make for adorable baby photos and are a visual token of the little feet that will soon fill them.

Sizes 2-3 will fit most 6-12 month old children. These little ones are often crawling and some even walk at this stage! This is an especially great time to have soft-soled moccasins to learn to naturally balance in.

Sizes 4-6 fit most toddlers from 12-24 months. Children are often learning to walk and even run during this time period-an especially good time to have soft-soled moccasins to learn in!

Sizes 7-8 fit most 2-3 year old children. These kiddos are definitely walking and running by now and will love adventuring in their moccasins as they learn to climb, jump and maneuver the world around them!

I'm ready to find the perfect pair!