littleRÜTZ began as an extension of love 

My partner and I would seriously do anything for our son! He is the inspiration for so many life changes. We traded in our off-grid lifestyle to have access to regulated temperatures and warm, running water for him (ok, we missed it too!). We bought a charming old home with the most beat up (but original!) wood floors. They are splintery, gorgeous, charming (and did I mention splintery already?). Fast forward 8 months and our son is crawling across these floors snagging his little socks.

Something had to be done! I wanted to make him a pair of soft-soled shoes (knowing this was the best option for crawlers as they prepare to learn to walk). I consulted an extremely talented local craftsman and bought my first leather scraps, took them home, and transformed them into my sons first pair of moccasins. I was hooked. They were adorable. The perfectionist side of me came out and thought, "How could I improve the design? How could I make them fit even better?" As he's grown I've continued to perfect my design, adding little details that made my life easier and the shoes more adorable. As a new business, I will continue to improve and perfect my design as I learn and grow!

sourcing the best materials possible

I was given a great tip on some amazing leather that, as far as I'm aware of, is about as non-toxic as it gets. The leather is vegetable-dyed and tanned without the use of heavy metals, while the animals are raised humanely primarily as a meat source (the leather byproduct ensures no part is wasted). Each color I use has been tested to ensure it meets these high standards, awesome, right?! The transparency and regulations this leather stands up to excite me about creating a healthier footwear option for our children!

This brand seeks to provide the healthiest footwear options for babes, something I can feel good about and really stand behind. I want to be transparent-something I see lacking in our growing global economy.

Thank you for joining me on this journey and supporting a local artisan. Every one of you holds a special place in my heart, truly, it means the world to me that you're here.

Read more about my littleRÜTZ beginning over at my first blog post.

what's in a name?

littleRÜTZ, pronounced: little-roots. This name came about when I was thinking about the legacy we pass on when we bring a child into this world. They are an extension of ourselves like the roots of a tree. They are bring life to us in so many unexpected ways. I am also deeply inspired by the Pacific Northwest and love immersing myself in nature any chance I get so I love bringing that aspect into this company. You might notice the two funny dots over the "Ü"—in German this makes an "ooh" sound and thus, "RÜTZ"="Roots". I found this not only charming because it looks like a smiley face, but also serendipitous because our leather is sourced from Germany!

transparency and honesty matter

Learn more about the standards that littleRÜTZ leather lives up to. littleRÜTZ leather is NATURLEDER IVN Certified and has been tested and certified for the ECARF Allergy-friendly seal of approval. This is truly good stuff, like the best and most forward-thinking company setting new standards for the leather textile industry. Pretty cool, am I right?